Tile / Stone Cleaning

Amazing offers tile-stone, grout cleaning make your home hard surface areas shine like new! With our state of the art floor cleaning equipment that will transform your tile area into squeaky clean living space.

Step 1

Pre Inspection

Assess type and condition of tile and determine if a alkaline or base solution is needed to best clean the home

Step 2

Area Prep

Move or shift furniture, sweep and vacuum soil and debris.

Step 3

Soil Suspension

We mop or spray cleaning soil busting solution. We let solution dwell on tile for appropriate amount of time to loosen grime.

Step 4


We hand scrub all grout lines with a specialized brush. Then power wash and rinse floor with 1000 psi turbo cleaning machine that flushes and vacuums the grime and sends it back to the truck.

Step 5

Towel and air mover dry leaving the floor squeaky clean!

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