FAQ’s & Tips

What kind of carpet cleaning do you employ and type of equipment used?

A ProChem hot water extraction ensures that Gilbert Carpet Cleaners will leave your carpets squeaky clean. This truck-mounted, high-powered vacuum and steam cleaning system power plant is recommended by most major carpet manufactures and the IICRC.

Will ALL my carpet stains come out?

Most stains, especially those of those that are black or grey, will come out when treated with the Gilbert Carpet Cleaning system. More troublesome stains, including those of the colored-variety, dyes, etc. may not be removed. Upon entering your home or business, Rick will inspect each of your rooms for stains and or trouble area’s and provide you a realistic expectation of final results.

Do you move furniture?

Small furniture such as chairs, side tables, etc. may be moved or slid and cleaned behind. However, larger pieces dressers, entertainment systems, large electronic systems,antiques etc. because of insurance issues will not be moved.

How often should carpets and tiles be cleaned?

Due to the amount of soil and dust in Gilbert, Arizona carpet and tile cleaning is recommended at least once yearly. Other mitigating factors – including foot traffic, children, pets, carpet type and age, cleanliness, etc. can increase the number of treatments needed. Speak with your Gilbert carpet cleaner to learn more about the frequency of cleaning needed. Remember, carpets and tile are one of the largest financial investments a home/business owner will make. It is important to regularly professionally clean your floors to ensure the longevity of this investment.

Is there a difference in carpet cleaning companies?

Yes, not all carpet cleaners are equal. Professional training, years of experience, extensive fiber knowledge , and friendly customer-service are all key factors that set Gilbert carpet cleaners apart from the rest. Moreover, with over 15 years of experience tile cleaning Gilbert, AZ floors. No one will provide you with better care and service! Just reference our carpet cleaning reviews!

Will all my pet stains come out?

Many pet stains will come out or be reduced significantly. However, the depth of pet stain removal depends heavily on many factors including type of pet, pH levels of urine, pet medication use, duration of stain, etc. Overall, there is a 50/50 chance at complete removal. Rick at Gilbert Arizona Carpet Cleaning will do everything he can to remove any and all pets stains and odors.

How long does it take for carpets and tile to dry?

Drying time depends on a number of factors including the type of carpet/tile, environmental factors, etc. but can take anywhere from 4-12 hours. Gilbert, Arizona Carpet Cleaning recommends that overhead and portable fans, open windows can be used to speed up the drying process.

How long until I can walk on my cleaned carpets?

Carpets can be walked on immediately after cleaning. Carpet and Tile Cleaning Gilbert, Arizona recommends that clean socks/bare feet or house slippers be worn if the carpet is still wet.

Are black lines around my furniture and baseboards permanent?

The soil, dust, and soot levels in Arizona HVAC units can leave carpets with “soil filtration lines.” Gilbert Carpet Cleaning professionals can help to remove these lines, however full removal may not always be possible. During the pre-inspection, Rick will provide details on results to be expected. Reminder change HVAC filters frequently or as needed.

Can you restore my tile grout lines to their original color?

Tile grout oftentimes becomes dirty and blackened, especially in areas of high traffic/use i.e. entries, kitchens, etc. Gilbert Tile Cleaners will use a mix of chemicals, physical scrubbing, and machine cleaning to ensure that tile and grout lines are restored to their best state. Please keep in mind, that not all grout will come 100% cleaned as some stains/areas may be permanent. Rick at Gilbert Arizona Tile Cleaning will provide you more information upon your pre-inspection.

Do carpets get dirtier more quickly after they are professionally carpet cleaned?

Unlike other professional companies Gilbert Carpet Cleaners methods of chemical and water extraction are unmatched. Removing agents such as soap and other chemicals with our intensive rinsing protocol that ensures your carpet cleaning stays clean!

Does Gilbert Carpet and Tile Cleaning guarantee their work?

Yes, all carpet cleaning comes with a 100% 30-day guarantee. If anything is to happen to your carpets or tile in that time, Gilbert carpet cleaning will come back for any reason and re-clean.

How can I keep my carpets cleaner, longer?

First we recommend floor mats at all entrances Vacuuming 2-3 times a week is critical. Taking off street shoes and wearing house shoes,socks or slippers can eliminate your carpet cleaning by half and extend the life of your carpet by years!

Any more carpet cleaning Gilbert questions please feel free to call the office we will be happy to share our expertise. Rick & Pam

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